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Percival Hornak (Co-producer, he/him) is a dramaturg, playwright, and dungeon master who loves theatricality, ghost stories, and plays about lesbians. He proudly serves as literary manager of Stroller Scene, a play development and advocacy organization based in NYC. Past companies Percy has worked with include Arena Stage, where he served as Literary Fellow for two years, as well as Luna Stage and Andy’s Summer Playhouse. He is a proud alum of Albright College, where he studied English and Theatre, and holds an MFA and Certificate in Feminist Scholarship from UMass Amherst. Percy’s research studies trans play, history as a site of queer relationality, experiential performance, and alternate reality games. In addition to his work in dramaturgy, he has been a dungeon master for several years in various editions of Dungeons & Dragons as well as several Powered by the Apocalypse games, although his favorite game systems are Carved from Brindlewood and Belonging Outside Belonging. Find him on Twitter @techxni, on Instagram @percy.hornak, or at

Featured in: D&D 5e, Apocalypse WorldKids on BikesThirsty Sword LesbiansOur Haunt


Nicholas Orvis  (Co-Producer, he/him) is a dramaturg, director, literary manager, and tabletop roleplaying game enthusiast who’s dedicated to fostering new stories in media of all kinds. As the Literary Associate for Premiere Stages at Kean University, Nick served as the dramaturg on over a dozen workshops, readings, and productions. He’s also worked at Portland Stage Company, the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Luna Stage, and the Tank, and his short (fan) fiction has appeared in Wayfinder magazine. He has over a decade of experience in tabletop roleplaying games (mostly as a GM). He’s on Twitter @nsorvis, on Instagram @norvis13, and online at - and currently completing an MFA in dramaturgy at the David Geffen School of Drama.

Featured in: D&D 5eBlades in the DarkARC

The Ensemble

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Todd Brian Backus  (Co-Producer Emeritus, he/him) is a literary manager, director, dramaturg, occasional playwright, and perpetual RPG addict. Todd has always been fascinated with storytelling regardless of medium: from books to plays, video games to comic books, and weird avenues in between. Trained at SUNY Oswego in Theatre and Graphic Design, Todd was introduced to a number of artists both theatrical and visual that forced him to consider the ways form and content interact and how they inform, support, or subvert a narrative. When he’s not playing TTRPGs (or JRPGs), Todd can be found researching the sequel to his ahistorical romp Emily Dickinson: Paranormal Investigator. Todd is Portland Stage’s Literary Manager, a diamond-ranked Moira main on Overwatch, and a level nine Warlock in Dungeons & Dragons. Keep up with him at or just about everywhere as @tbbackus

Featured in: Paranoia, LancerARC

Anthony Sertel Dean (Audio Engineer Emeritus, they/he) is a sound artist, educator, and technologist focused on telling stories of community and self. Anthony’s work can be heard in theater (Kennedy Center, New Victory Theater, Public Theater, The Kitchen), film (Film at Lincoln Center, Busan International Film Festival), radio (WNYC), and gallery installations (Fridman Gallery, Half Gallery, Swiss Institute). They have taught at Wesleyan University and multiple NYC public schools. They are the technical director for The New York Neo-Futurists and creator of their podcast Hit Play


Anthony holds an MFA in Sound Art from Columbia University. For more, visit

Featured in: ARC


Christopher Diercksen (they/he) is a developer of new work through dramaturgy and direction. They’re the artistic director of Stroller Scene, a company that develops new plays up to the point of production and advocates for them to receive the resources they need from companies who can better provide them. Previously, they served as the artistic director of Team Awesome Robot, producing director of The New Voices Project at the Secret Theatre and literary manager for Lunar Energy Productions. They are an alum of Albright College and the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, where they return each spring as the high school playwright mentor for their Young Playwrights Festival.

Featured in: D&D 5eOh Dang! Bigfoot Stole My Car With My Friend's Birthday Present InsideBrindlewood Bay

Ben Ferber (he/him) 

Featured in: Paranoia, Lancer, Brindlewood Bay

Dex Phan (he/him) moonlights as a novelist, painter, cosplayer, performance artist, and semi-professional trading card gamer. He fell in love with tabletop roleplaying games and collaborative storytelling in his collegiate years when they provided much needed relief from the hardships that come with queerness. In his creative works, he tries to marry his traditional Vietnamese culture with being a modern gay in America. He can be found trying to learn as many new skills as his lifetime will allow. Keep up with him and his adventures on all forms of social media: @rhinarceros.

Featured in: Apocalypse World, Blades in the DarkARC

Kory Flores (they/she/he) 

Featured in: ParanoiaBluebeard's BrideBrindlewood BayOur Haunt

Leo Mock (they/he) is a theatre-maker, consent educator, and intimacy choreographer. They are the Program Manager for Speak About It, bringing consent and sex education to college & high school students and their communities, as well as Guiding Faculty with Theatrical Intimacy Education, where he co-developed workshops on working with Trans & Queer artists and stories, developing community care practices, and bystander intervention. Recent intimacy credits include Heathers The Musical (UPenn), Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 (UPenn), Romeo and Juliet (Lantern Theatre Company), and Twelfth Night (The Wilma). Leo holds a BFA in Socially Engaged Arts with a concentration in Decolonial Sexuality Studies from Goddard College, and has a performance background in Shakespeare, clown, and devised work. 

Featured in: Apocalypse WorldKids on BikesThirsty Sword LesbiansOur Haunt

Romana Isabella (she/they) 

Featured in: ParanoiaBluebeard's BrideARC

Tess Huth (she/her) is a freelance playwright, director, and dramaturg in the D.C./Baltimore region. Her work has been seen at Rapid Lemon Productions, Rainbow Theatre, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Olney Theatre Center, and Green Globe Theatre. Outside of theatre, she is a DEIA advocate and educator. Tess is also a long time roleplayer and podcaster; you can hear more of her work on the podcast Moon Harbor Heroes and its spin offs, Moon Harbor Extended and Moon Harbor Omnibus

Featured in: Apocalypse WorldBlades in the DarkThirsty Sword Lesbians

C.J. Linton (he/him) is a writer, editor, game designer, and dramaturg based in Washington, DC. He is the Business Director of Sly Robot Games, which has published Plant Girl Game and Tomorrow on Revelation III. As a theatre artist, he has worked with Actors Theatre of Louisville, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Center Theatre Group, Studio Theatre, and Olney Theatre Center.

C. J.’s current projects include the narrative heist TTRPG The Prince of Nothing Good and developing a contemporary adaptation of As You Like It titled Nothing You Desire as a 2023-2024 Atlas Arts Lab Fellow with Mekala Sridhar. Find more of his work or get in touch on Twitter/X and @NearFutures and

Featured in: Kids on Bikes

Tristan B. Willis is a DC-based writer exploring trans and queer stories and the intersection of theatre and games. As a former resident of the Orchard Project’s Liveness Lab and CultureHub’s Writing for Electronic Formats, Tristan discussed and cultivated new ways of presenting theatrical work in digital and distanced spaces. In 2023, Tristan wrote, performed, and streamed “in a way that matters,” developed as part of The Kennedy Center’s Local Theatre Residency at the REACH with further support from Caridad Svich, Lucille Lortel Theatre.


Tristan coordinated the Theatre Washington Mentoring Program for six years and now works with Young Playwrights’ Theater. You can learn more about Tristan and their work at

Featured in: LancerOur Haunt

Jovane Camaaño (he/they)

Featured in: LancerARC

Mieko Gavia (she/they) is a writer, actress, narrator, producer, and all-around oddball from Indianapolis, Indiana.  After graduating from Oberlin College with an honors degree in Theater, Mieko followed the classic scenario of a small-town girl with big-city dreams and hightailed it to NYC. When she's not acting, writing, or cuddling up in her vocal booth, Mieko can be spotted foraging in used bookstores or wherever good food abounds. You can also catch her work with Black Revolutionary Theater Workshop, a Brooklyn based, social-justice focused theater company.

Featured in: ParanoiaOh Dang! Bigfoot Stole My Car With My Friend's Birthday Present InsideThirsty Sword Lesbians

Jon Jon Johnson (they/she/he/any) is an NYC based Freelance Director, Dramaturg, and occasional Performer. Jon Jon currently works at the Public Theater as their Manager of Talent Acquisition and Strategy, and is available for EDI and Anti-Oppression consultancies, workshops, panels, and seminars.

Featured in: Apocalypse WorldOh Dang! Bigfoot Stole My Car With My Friend's Birthday Present InsideThirsty Sword Lesbians

C "Meaks" Meaker (they/she) is a playwright, essayist and teacher whose work often explores queerness, monstrosity, and the end of the world. Their plays have been performed and developed across the United States, including the Kennedy Center, Seattle Repertory Theatre, San Francisco Playhouse, Annex Theatre in Seattle, and About Face in Chicago. They are a Stranger Award Genius Nominee (That’swhatshesaid) and Gregory Award Outstanding New Play Nominee (The Lost Girls). They are a former Jerome Fellow at the Playwrights’ Center, an alumna of Seattle Repertory Theatre’s Writers Group, and former Walter E. Dakin Fellow at Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Their nonfiction won the Editor’s Prize at Porter House Review (2023). They received an MFA in Playwriting from University of Iowa’s Playwrights Workshop. They currently teach writing at City College of New York. 

Featured in: Bluebeard's BrideBrindlewood Bay

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