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The Creative Team


Todd Brian Backus  (Co-Producer, he/him) is a literary manager, director, dramaturg, occasional playwright, and perpetual RPG addict. Todd has always been fascinated with storytelling regardless of medium: from books to plays, video games to comic books, and weird avenues in between. Trained at SUNY Oswego in Theatre and Graphic Design, Todd was introduced to a number of artists both theatrical and visual that forced him to consider the ways form and content interact and how they inform, support, or subvert a narrative. When he’s not playing TTRPGs (or JRPGs), Todd can be found researching the sequel to his ahistorical romp Emily Dickinson: Paranormal Investigator. Todd is Portland Stage’s Literary Manager, a diamond-ranked Moira main on Overwatch, and a level nine Warlock in Dungeons & Dragons. Keep up with him at or just about everywhere as @tbbackus


Percival Hornak (Co-Producer, he/they/xe) is a dramaturg, playwright, and literary manager who loves games, ghost stories, and plays about lesbians. They are currently pursuing their MFA in Dramaturgy at UMass Amherst, and are the proud Literary Manager of Team Awesome Robot. Percy spent two seasons as an Allen Lee Hughes Fellow in Arena Stage's Literary office, where he worked on several productions as a script supervisor and production dramaturg. Other companies xe has worked with include Andy’s Summer Playhouse, Luna Stage, and the Theatre Communications Group. TTRPGs have been a lifelong love of Percy's, and he has several years of experience as a GM in several D20 and Powered by the Apocalypse systems. Check out his website at


Nicholas Orvis  (Co-Producer, he/him) is a dramaturg, director, literary manager, and tabletop roleplaying game enthusiast who’s dedicated to fostering new stories in media of all kinds. As the Literary Associate for Premiere Stages at Kean University, Nick served as the dramaturg on over a dozen workshops, readings, and productions. He’s also worked at Portland Stage Company, the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Luna Stage, and the Tank, and his short (fan) fiction has appeared in Wayfinder magazine. He has over a decade of experience in tabletop roleplaying games (mostly as a GM). He’s on Twitter @nsorvis, on Instagram @norvis13, and online at - and currently completing an MFA in dramaturgy at the David Geffen School of Drama.


Anthony Sertel Dean (Audio Designer, they/he) is a sound artist, composer, and theater designer working to build community through a radical art practice. This work takes a multidisciplinary approach to performance, hoping to create a more inclusive, personal art. Anthony’s sound work can be heard in theater, film, radio, art installations, and music ensembles. Anthony is the technical director for The New York Neo-Futurists and the technical manager for The Tank. Anthony is a graduate of Wesleyan University, returning often as a visiting sound designer. For more on Anthony, visit

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