Players & Playwrights

Meet the players and playwrights of the games we play at Dungeons + Drama Nerds. Below you’ll find headshots and bios for the pleayers of our Second Season.

Blades in the Dark

T.P. Huth (Princess Mirena Alonda Gracielle Valerio of the Grayfire Line, Alias: Her Highness) is a theatre artist and educator in the DC area, with her dramaturgical, playwriting, and directing work seen across the DC metropolitan area. They are also currently producing Moon Harbor Heroes, a Masks: A New Generation actual play podcast, and are an active member of the Masks podcasting community (including writing and producing an original musical crossover with over a dozen Masks APs). You can find her on Instagram or Twitter at @tphuth94


Whitney Lehn Meltz (???, Alias: Wick) is a scenic designer, prop artisan, and colorful genderqueer cryptid based in Las Vegas, NV. They can mostly be found smeared with paint in the scene shop of the Nevada Conservatory Theatre, where they are a resident scenic artist and designer whilst pursuing their Master’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. They are eagerly spending this year exploring the relationship between themself and theatre/art/storytelling, as they are currently One Stressed Grad Student in Search of a Thesis Topic. Whitney’s sanity saving hobby is the sporadic D&D campaign still running from their undergrad days, in which they play one half of a pair of kenku twin siblings. Keep up with the shenanigans at, or @whitney_lehn_meltz on a sometimes forgotten Instagram. 


Nicholas Orvis (Milos Jeduin, Alias: Needle) is a dramaturg, director, literary manager, and tabletop roleplaying game enthusiast, as well as one of the Managing Editors for Theater magazine. As the Literary Associate for Premiere Stages at Kean University, Nick served as the dramaturg on over a dozen workshops, readings, and productions, and grew the company’s annual submission pool by hundreds of playwrights. He’s also worked at Portland Stage Company, the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Luna Stage, and the Tank, and his short (fan) fiction has appeared in Wayfinder magazine. He has over a decade of experience in tabletop roleplaying games (mostly as a GM).


Dex Phan (Gabe, Alias: Gabe) is an American-born, Vietnamese, gay man looking to inspire others to be their best selves. A former marine mammal trainer and park ranger, he now works within a QA team at a global water and soil research laboratory in Pennsylvania. But in his free time, he enjoys writing and reading about unabashedly queer characters, designing Vietnam-inspired fantasy settings, and subverting expectations of what Asian Americans should be. He hopes to one day be able to put books on shelves that he wishes he had had when he was younger. Keep up with him on Twitter @rexarino.


Ran Xia (Ellery Crow, Alias: E17) is a Shanghai born, Brooklyn based playwright, director, and sound designer. Resident Director at the Tank (inaugural Artist of the Year Award 2019), where her directing credits include: Independent Study (by Ben Gassman), The Tallest Man in the World (by Ailís Ní Ríain), her own play In Blue, and most recently, Howard Rubenstein's new adaptation of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, as a theatrical cinematic hybrid production. Recipient of Drama League × Beatrice Terry Residency 2021-2022, alumnus of Pipeline Playlab 2020, and a usual suspect at Exquisite Corpse Co. Sound design credits include: Islands of Contentment (Hypokrit), Zoetrope (ECC), Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop's podcasts, etc. She'll be directing Orlando by Sarah Ruhl at Barnard College in Fall 2021. Ran is extremely grateful to Nick for being her Gene Wilder in this D&D world of pure imagination. 


Elliot Peterson (GM) is a freelance theatre electrician in the DC area. She works at several regional theatres like Signature Theatre and Arena Stage. They are a co-producer, player, and occasional GM on Moon Harbor Heroes, a Masks: A New Generation actual play podcast, and a player on Paradigm Academy, another Masks podcast. When she's not playing bi disaster characters, they can be found GMing Powered by the Apocalypse games with friends on a regular basis.  Elliot can be found on Twitter and on Instagram @elliotylen.

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